"It's all in the detail... "

We believe that 3 fundamental "trinity" components are crucial in making high quality and delicious coffee.

  1. The Ingredients
  2. The Equipment
  3. The Barista

All three must be of the highest quality and finely tuned to work in harmony to ensure consistent beautiful taste in every cup down to the last drop.

Our style of coffee is antipodean style light-medium roast blend coffee to be enjoyed as espresso, and with or without water and milk. Our profile preference is for the coffee to have a citrus start with well balanced sweet chocolatey finish.


The Bean

The daily blend: Pairings made in heaven


This winters Daily Blend features three new coffees. As ever, the aim with the Daily Blend is create a sweet, heavy bodied cup that appeals to those who enjoy a low acidity espresso.

20% Nemba Washing Station, Kayanza

40% Beneficio Presente Do Sol, Minas Gerais

40% La Planadas Co-op, Tolima


The Milk 

Estate Dairy: Tradition meets Technology


A small herd of 120 Jersey and Friesian cows grazing on 450 acres of Lancashire pastures are carefully nurtured and monitored before undergoing traditional milk making-methods in combination with the latest dairy processing technology, to give you precise, consistent and creamy milk of the highest quality.

To preserve the dairy's goodness, the milk is unhomogenised.


The Water

Water: #life filter

Water can make the vast majority of your coffee and is a key and often overlooked component. In all stages of the process, the amount, temperature, and type is carefully controlled. Each espresso is pulled with water using a 5 stage reverse osmosis carbon based filter, resulting in a maximum mineral content of 30 parts per million; cleaner than natural spring water!

To ensure the best taste, even our teas and ice uses the same clean water


The Chocolate

Mörk Chocolate: Sweet Dedication

Hand crafted, all-natural, diabetic-friendly, specialty single origin Peruvian chocolate, designed to work together with the coffee and milk, not at odds. Natural finely grated pure 'Dutched cocoa" powder from Peru gives an unparalleled depth in flavour, low acidity, and a smooth balanced mouthfeel. This is blended with Organic unrefined coconut blossom sugar from a sustainable farm in West Java, Indonesia, providing its unique low-GI sweetness making it enjoyable for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

Available as 50% or 70% cocoa mass.